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GW - Metal ferrules - assorted sizes

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Aluminum ferrules
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Aluminum ferrules -

Aluminum ferrules are a lightweight method of fitting two short rods or tubes together and creating a longer spar. These ferrules fit sizes .180″ through .625″. Sizes .180” and .210” of these external ferrules can also be used as internal ferrules for Avia Sport XL wrapped carbon tubes.

External Brass Ferrules are made to accommodate smaller sizes of fiberglass and carbon rods. These micro ferrules are good for connecting two lengths of rod or making a kite more compact. They can be crimped or bent into a dihedral or angled connection.

External Steel Ferrules are used to connect hardwood dowels and solid and tubular fiberglass rods to make a longer spar or to make a kite more compactable. They are not ideal for use with carbon rods due to their weight. Steel ferrules can be dimpled to keep rods from sliding through and in most cases bent to create an angled connection.

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