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Soil, Surf, Snow…  Air Banners are there!

Air Banners is a unique and revolutionary new form of outdoor advertising, there’s simply no better way to reach your audience. We are industry leaders with patent pending equipment and technology, specializing in aerial advertising.

Air Banners are extremely versatile to show any message in a variety of displaying methods.
The entire Air Banners are established from individual letters so you can display different messages time and time again without having large printing costs. This is a unique form of outdoor advertising which leaves the message in the hands of the creator and ‘thinking outside the box’ promoters.

The next step is finding a location for your message. Again Air Banners versatility gives you many options. The wind is a great source of eco friendly energy, which allows a kite to lift the banner high into the air. Helium balloons also offer an excellent platform for allowing the Air Banners to be attached below, this greatly increases the advertising space and allows unique messages to be advertised and be viewable from a distance or across town in light winds. To cover the coast line and water front, towing the Air Banners behind a Jetski or boat produces an exclusive advertising surface. This is a great way to target summer beach resort towns or water events in a revolutionary and new advertising direction. Air Banners can also be permanently attached between buildings to brighten up a busy street and display your special message or council festive activity.

If you have an outdoor event, festival, promotion or campaign coming please get in touch with us.



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FAQs for Advertisers

How do they stay in the air?

Air Banners are held in the air by a kite, helium balloon, hot air balloon or strung between buildings over the street.

What colours are the Air Banners?

The standard colour is black, as this colour stands out with various backgrounds, (clouds, blue sky, buildings, trees etc). Custom colours can be produced to suit your requirements, please email us at

How high can they fly?

How long is your piece of string? You can fly the Air Banners 100-200m plus if you would like. Although we recommend, and supply, 100m (300ft) of flying line which is sufficient for most areas.

What are they made of?

The Air Banners are made from a specialized lightweight fabric which has strong UV characteristics and finished off with a water proof coating.

Can I add in my own logo or graphics into the banner?

Yes, for sure. It’s a great way to personalize your message. We will custom build this to your specifications.

What happens to the banner after the display?

Take your banner and detach the letters and store them in your library of text waiting for the next event.

How do you assemble the letters?

They are connected by special attachment clips.

What happens when there’s no wind?

You can fly them below a helium balloon, hot air balloon, hang them between buildings. Air Banners can be flown behind a Jetski or power boat. The speed of the Jetski creates enough wind for the kite to fly in zero wind conditions, which allows the Air Banner to fly along the coast line.

Do I need to be an expert at flying kites?

No you don’t, although general wind knowledge and ‘sailing’’ back grounds does come in handy.

Where is a good place to fly them?

Kites like clean wind. Trees and power lines are not good. Parks, beaches and open fields are great.

Air Banners flown by Kite

The wind strength is a powerful, free and eco friendly source of energy, which allows a specially designed kite to lift the Air Banners in light to strong wind speeds. The kite is flown high in the sky and attached to a ground anchor. From here, the Air Banner is attached half way up the line and is visible and readable from well over 1.6km (1mile) away.




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