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About us

About us …

The Kite Guys started out with 2 brothers in their 20’s, Bud and Scott Taylor, who were so passionate about every aspect of kites and kite flying that they just HAD to share it with everyone!

Originating in Alberta in 1989, the first company name was Rocky Mountain Kite and Sport.  However, each time Bud and Scott would do an event for a school or community group, someone on-site would inevitably announce, “The kite guys are here”!  

So, from that time on, the company became known as The Kite Guys!

There have been many other changes.  We’ve been in several different locations over the last 30 years.  Scott is no longer with us.  Sharon came on board in January of 2010.

Some things remain the same:  The Kite Guys are still passionate about all things WIND, still playing with kites and still excited about sharing the joy of kite flying with everyone! 

We carry a wide variety of kites for all ages and levels of ability; we build custom kites, repair kites, teach others … we also offer accessories, garden spinners, flags, banners, windsocks (both decorative and industrial), aerial advertising and birds used as scarecrows to keep nuisance birds away.  Come visit us in Bentley Alberta, where we purchased and repurposed an old church building into a kite studio and shop.  Just call ahead to confirm that we are here, because we like to get out and fly as often as possible!  And of course, you can always order online … everything on our website is in stock (and we have many parts and pieces that may not be online).  

We’ve built our reputation by offering quality merchandise and great service!  Thank you for checking us out!

Bud Taylor and Sharon Musto

The Kite Guys, Bentley, Alberta

Bud Taylor:

bud-big-winder.jpg scott-mule.jpg

Kiteguys founder and kite enthusiast extraordinaire.  A “pioneer” among kite retailers in western Canada, building and flying kites since he was a kid and involved in the industry since the late 80s. Bud’s mind is a treasure trove of knowledge about “all things kite and wind” from the oldies to the latest designs, kite building materials and technologies.  He is also known for his superior industrial windsock frames and windsocks.  

Sharon Musto:

sharon-swift-current.jpg 2019-08-05-16.01.26.jpg

Our go-to person for creating custom kites, windsocks, banners, flags, repairs, etc.  As a retired teacher who has facilitated many workshops for students, teachers, families, she brings a wealth of experience that she loves to share.