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Gomberg Kites

Gomberg Kites - Starburst Stunt kite "Blue"

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  • Gomberg Kites - Starburst Stunt kite "Blue"
  • Gomberg Kites - Starburst Stunt kite "Blue"


Starburst Stunt Kite - 4 Foot

When we first discovered maneuverable kites back in the Seventies, they were diamond shaped. 'Stunters' came with long flowing tails, pulled hard, and roared around the sky. Flying those kites changed our lives.

The Starburst harkens back to those early physical flying days. It won't do axles, flips, or fades. But it will put a huge smile on your face as you drive it through the wind.

We built the Starburst with slightly heavier framing for durability in stronger winds. Beginners will enjoy the fast learning curve, while experienced fliers will appreciate the unique diamond-wing performance.

Long fabric tails add to the show as you sky-write with each loop or turn.

Add several kites together in stacks for a spectacular presentation. We've included detachable train lines and a quick 'pigtail' connection system.

Special Features: Heavy Frame | Tail Included | Molded Fittings | Fabric Bag

Each Starburst is 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. A matching 45 foot tail is included. Best performance will be in 7 to 17 mph of wind. Fly a single Starburst on 100-pound lines or stacks of up to six on 200-pound lines.

Note: 150# x 80' lineset included

This product is subject to oversize shipping fees due to it's longer shipping length of 100 cm.

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