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Gomberg Kites - Whoo-Dini the Owl "Blue"

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Whoo-Dini the Owl

Flying an Owl Kite is a Hoot!

The owl is interesting, unique, and totally fun to fly. Designed by Karl and Sarah Longbottom of England, our Owl is based on an ancient Japanese kite style. The flexible frame goes together easily and takes a rough bounce happily. So don’t worry about crashes! The Owl will hop right back into the sky.

To assemble, just slide the two long fiberglass rods into the open ends of winds and pass them through to the far side. Connect the ends of the rod that surround the head into the plastic tubing so it creates a circle. Make sure the ribbons that hold the sail to the center spine are tied tight, and that the short rods in the tail are set in the pockets at the bottom of the sail. Then connect your flying line to the ring on the bridle and go have fun!

Fly on 100 pound line in 6 – 20 mph of wind.

Size: 36" X 48"

Sail: Ripstop Nylon

Frame: Fiberglass

Wind: 6 - 20 mph

Line required: 50# to 150#

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