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GWK - Fiberglass Tube FWET

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Fiberglass Round Tube FWET

Goodwinds Fiberglass Round Tubes are called Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes because they are created by winding fiberglass filaments around a mandrel (similar to wrapped carbon tubing). Less flexible than solid fiberglass, Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes (FWET) are lightweight and strong. You might recognize these fiberglass tubes as tent poles, but they have many other uses as well, including structural pieces, antennas, and LARP boffer cores. We offer a range of diameters from .248” to 1.065”.  (6.3mm to 12.8mm)

Goodwinds' FWET fiberglass tubes have alternating longitudinal and wrapped layers resulting in a lightweight composite of high tensile, compressive and flexural strength. These fiberglass tubes are radiolucent, electrically insulating, and thermally insulating.

Cutting Fiberglass 

We can custom cut round rod to your desired size (cutting fees will apply) Inquires welcomed.

To cut fiberglass, use a Dremel motor with an abrasive cutting wheel for the cleanest cut possible. You can also use a fine-toothed hacksaw. Be sure fiberglass is held securely in place, be careful not to crush. Tape around area to be cut to prevent splintering or separation of fibers. Wear eye protection and a dust mask.


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