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Kites in the Classroom

We typically like to have smaller classes of usually up to 35 students to get the full benefit of our program that lasts approx. 1.5 hours. We have an impressive kite display of kites from around the world and show a short video on kites. We can discuss basic principals of flight using the kites to demonstrate similarities with airplane flight: gravity, lift, drag, airflow, pitch (angle of attack, attitude), roll, yaw, Bernoulli’s Principal, etc. We will also talk about kite safety and how to build our kites. Students will be encouraged to do artwork using a variety of media such as wax crayons, pencils crayons, felt pens. The main factor limiting us in class room size is often lack of a clean flat working area of approx. 3 sq feet for each student. We can use a gymnasium if available but please keep in mind the comfort of a work space. I personally like to work from tables or desks, just makes it easier on the back. If the gym is used, the custodian will appreciate some kind of protective floor covering.

We have successfully managed more than 200 students through our program in a single day provided we build simple easy kites such as the Frustrationless flyer or the Zig Zaggy box.

$475.00 per class, 1.5 hours max. (35 students maximum)

Visual introduction to a wide variety of many styles, shapes and functions of kites. Kite history, kite anatomy, basic kite aerodynamics, kite safety, knot tying lesson, hands on kite making with appropriate kite, (we supply all kite building materials) then the artistic portion (students supply necessary materials for artwork, eg: felt pens, pencil crayons, wax crayons.), Time and weather permitting we head outdoors to fly.

Out of town expense from (Bentley, AB) to your location and return. ($0.65 per km)

Overnight accommodations if necessary. Call 403-658-5483 for additional information.