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Links page to other kite related sites.

Download Books - PDF file -  Excellent source of information for the beginner sport kite pilot.

Prism Designs -

Prism's "Way to Fly”

Nic O'neil former AKA President with a different look at kiting -

David Gomberg Stunt kite -

David Gomberg Sport Kite Magic -

Dodd's Flight School Sport Kite Basic Instruction -

Great web site for kite plans around the world -

Wonderful non-profit kite organization that promotes kites -

Jim's kites - A Gentleman's video guide to kites -

A favorite kite buggy website -

The World Kite Museum -

American Kite Fliers Association -

kite making supplies -

TIKKO - Parabear jump -

Kite Buggy's -