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GWK - Carbon Round Rod assorted

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Using the same pultrusion process as our carbon tubes, carbon rods are made of unidirectional-oriented carbon fibers and a resin. Solid carbon rods are available as small as .020” in diameter and as large as .156” in diameter. (larger sizes available via special order)


Our smallest rods are known as microcarbon rods and range in size between .020" diameter to .156" diameter. We have microcarbon in continuous lengths up to 10,000 feet and can coil it for you at any length. Due to the manufacturing process, microcarbon is not always perfectly round and can fluctuate slightly in weight.


In aerospace and industrial applications, the linear strength of carbon graphite makes it an ideal material for many different designs. Luthiers use carbon rods in guitar necks and organ builders use microcarbon rods in their large instruments. Solid round carbon fiber rods have become popular framing materials for single and dual line kites. Builders of RC planes, backyard flyers, and other models find small diameter carbon rods, also known as graphite rods, useful for lightweight construction of framework, pushrods, and wing reinforcement.

Cutting Carbon

To cut carbon rods, use a Dremel motor with an abrasive cutting wheel for the cleanest cut possible. You can also use a fine-toothed hacksaw. Be sure the carbon is held securely in place and be careful not to crush it. Tape around area to be cut to prevent splintering or separation of carbon fibers. Wear eye protection and dust mask.

We can custom cut to your desired length $0.50 per cut.


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