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Prism Designs - Quantum replacement parts - "Kinetic Dissipator"

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Quantum - KD
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Kinetic Dissipator 

When designing the Quantum and the Hypnotist, we wanted to make sure that we came up with kites that could handle all the “unplanned landings” new flyers could dish out. And so was born the Kinetic Dissipator. This little gadget uses elastic shock cord and a special fitting on the end of the spine to allow the sail and the center T to actually move towards the nose in a crash, thus “dissipating” the “kinetic” energy and most importantly… keeping stuff from breaking. I guess we could have just called it the “Keep Stuff From Breaking Doohicky” but you know those marketing guys. They started out calling it the “Extreme Force Shock Absorber Module.” We talked them down. Included with this replacement is the shock cord, new plastic fitting, and detailed instructions so you can get this part installed and your kite back in the air fast.

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