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HQ Kites

HQ Kites - Delta Rainbow 3m

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Delta Rainbow 3 m 


Larger kites are more often easier to fly than small ones. This is especially true with our collection of XL Delta Kites, filling more sky for a great display as they also prove to be perfect flying machines. They will also accommodate 'line laundry', windsocks and more tails for an even greater visual impact.

-Does not come with flying line

-Refined colorful packaging that appeals to kids.

-Zero waste, nylon bag for storage.

Width    300 cm / 118"
Height    138 cm / 54"
Sail    Polyester - Ripstop
Frame    Fibrerglass 5 mm
Line  required 100# - 150#
Wind    2-5 Bft. (8-38 km/h, 5-24 mph)
Age    + 10

This kite requires flight line, recommend 100# - 150# test strength.


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