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Premier Kites

Premier Kites - Yoyo Winder 30# x 500' Polyester line

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30# X 500'  Polyester line on a 6" yo yo winder.

Simply the best non-mechanical line winders you can buy. Yo-Yo Winders make it easy to dispense the line and reel it in quickly. Easy to grip with one hand.
Line: Includes 500 ft. 30 lb. Test Line and one yo-yo winder. Yo-yo winder comes in assorted colors. Premier yo-yos are only recommended for single line kites.

What are the advantages of a Halo winder (or also known as yo-yo winders) over a Stake winder? The first advantage is that when you need to release a lot of line quickly, you only need to slip the winder over your wrist and lock your hands together. The line will let out quickly with no effort on your part. The second advantage is that when it is time to bring the kite in, each loop you put on the winder (depending on the circumference of the winder) is about a foot and a half of string. Compare that to the 4 inches of string each time you spin a stake winder between your fingers and it won't take you long to figure out that a halo winder is worth the few extra dollars.

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