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HQ Kites - The Way to Fly "DVD"

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The Way to Fly Instructional Kiteboarding DVD

Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Kiteboarding
Instruction from Chris Moore, PASA Certified professional kiteboard instructor since 2000 & Head Examiner for PASA!

Learning to kiteboard just got easier, with The Way to Fly instructional DVD! Chris Moore working in conjunction with Kitty Hawk Kites and Go Pro Video has released his second instructional DVD that covers the amazing exercises that he has incorporated into his world renowned instructor training programs where he teaches and certifies hundreds of instructors a year how to teach kiteboarding more effectively!

Land and water based instruction, which have become “The Way to Fly!”

Chris Moore has been professionally involved in Kiting since 1991. His passion for kiting has placed him at the top of his profession as an athlete, retailer, and instructor. This video is a cumulative result of his years of teaching kiteboarding to thousands of students. His instructional techniques have become the foundation to create the Professional Air Sports Association(PASA) Kiteboarding Division. Today, PASA, and Chris' instructional exercises defines certification for the kiteboarding industry at the sport participant level and the instructor level. Chris has been teaching instructors how to teach through the Professional Air Sports Association since 2003. Check out to learn more about becoming a PASA certified instructor and taking a course with Chris.

This video is designed specifically to be used as a training tool, for those just getting started in kiteboarding. As Chris suggests, “It is best to start your training with a trainer kite and practice the specific exercises detailed in this video. Practice these exercises, guided by this video, over and over again until your movements are smooth and consistent everytime. I guarantee that you will excel both faster and safer with larger kites as a result!”

2.5 hours of instructional exercises!

Go Pro Video, extreme sports production company, has put together a truly professional instructional video!

Chris Moore states, “There has been a need for a video that shows people land based exercises with a trainer kite since the conception of this sport. I am so glad to be able to fill this need and help people get started both safer and quicker!”

The Way to Fly will save you loads of frustration, lost time, broken equipment, and possible injury! The Way to Fly Instructional Video uses Skills Progression teaching techniques that will save you hundreds of hours of frustration and lost time, prevent damage to your equipment, and reduce injury to you!

Land and Water Based Instruction
Land Based Power Kites and Kite Traction – Go way beyond kite control with specific exercises on how to use a power kite to learn any kite traction sport. Create more and less power with the kite by varying the power strokes. Simulated Water Starts – Learn on land to first perfect kite movements coordinated with your body movements. Establish this understanding and the muscle memory skills to make the water start much easier!
Simulated Riding Exercises – Learn how to control your speed with kite and body positioning!

  • Perfect the Power Strokes on Land!
  • Simulated Water Start Exercises will make doing on the water start effortless!
  • Simulated Riding Exercises teach the dynamics of kite traction!

    Water Based Instruction – Learn how to use a full sized inflatable leading edge kite to perform exercises that will build your skills fast and safely! Body surf with the kiteboard to practice kite control and board control together without having to stand on the board! Learn how to set-up, launch, sheeting, water relaunching, safety systems, and landings! Learn balancing exercises such as the bobber and how to put on your kiteboard easily! Learn the most valuable skill of how to self rescue and to land your kite in the water safely by yourself!

    Bonus Features:
    • Bonus Footage - Includes a high energy intro video with pro kiteboarder, Dimitri Maramendides, shredding with every trick in the book!
    • How to Choose a Power Kite - Take the mystery out of today's modern power kites used for landboarding, snow kiting, kite buggy, and kite skateboarding!
    • Yoga for Kiteboarders - Learn valuable stretching exercises that will reduce injury and help you to perform better with increased flexibility!
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