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Skydog Kites - Dream On

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Dream On  - Winner of 2012 "Best kite of the year"

This is what us older kite fliers call a "team kite". Big, slow, and predictable. The Dream On is not only one of the most beautiful sport kites ever to fly in the sky, but also one of the most pleasurable. If you are a smooth flier and don't really care about the latest slack line tricks and you want to just fly a beautiful and predictable sport kite, this is for you. But wait, with a simple and quick bridle adjustment, the Dream On is capable of todays more advanced tricks. One of the most versatile sport kites available today and proven to be one of the most popular sport kites in the sky! Framed in a durable and high tech Carbon Frame and includes Ready to Fly Dyneema Fly lines on winder with fly straps.

Dimensions: 87" x 35.5"
Materials: Ripstop Nylon Sail/6mm Carbon Fiber Frame
Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Wind Range: 3-20mph
Line Set: 70kg/25m Dyneema on winder with fly straps


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  1. SKYDOG "Dream On" review 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Sep 2014

    SKYDOG Dream On (out of the bag review without bridle adjustments) Kite Review:
    *(won- KIte of the Year 2012)

    Height: 35.5”
    Wingspan: 87”
    Weight: Oddly Unspecified ?
    Advertised Wind Range: 3 mph - 20 mph (@ sea level)
    Line set: 150# x 80 feet.(25m) Dyneema with straps on winder.
    Bridle: Turbo - adjustable - (not mentioned.)
    Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
    RTF: Ready to Fly
    Graphics: Asymmetrical Rainbow colours on Black (*also available on White)
    Sturdy Black Nylon Kite sleeve with basic instructions included.

    This review is based on my own experience with a pair of new Skydog ‘Dream On’ kites (rainbow black) I purchased specifically for the sole purpose of flying multiple kites. (one kite from each hand.)
    My requirements were simple, I was looking for good precision, preferably with as little pull as possible (I like to keep my arms in their sockets ;) with a wide wind range for under $150 - Trick capability while also a prerequisite, was last on my list of importance.

    The Skydog “Dream On’s” met my requirements and were tested and flown over a few weeks (as multiples and individually) on a very regular basis at various wind speeds and conditions. Location flown was inland, along the St. Lawrence River at a fairly ‘large’ open field, (roughly 400 ft.x 600 ft. / 5.5 acres) with some tree obstructions along part of the perimeter (not ideal!), at an elevation of 73 m (240 ft.)

    STITCHING: Is good throughout although the nose webbing is not quite as neatly finished off as some of the other kites in my bag @ comparable price points.

    FRAMING: Unbranded 6mm carbon rods, LE & spine with double 3mm solid carbon sail stand-offs on each wing.

    SAIL FABRIC: Ripstop Nylon. - Standard stuff - (not as good as ripstop polyester/Icarex)

    GRAPHICS: Striking, colorful asymmetrical rainbow graphics (on black or white).

    LINE SET: Comes with 150# x 25 meters ( 80 feet ) Dyneema line set with straps. 80 feet unfortunately is ‘a little’ too short for team and/or multiple kite flying. (100ft. minimum - *125 ft. - recommended, would be more appropriate and better suited for team/multiple kite flying for which this kite was intended.)
    Unfortunately, neither of the 2 line sets from 2 individual kites were equal so had to make adjustments using the pigtails on my custom handles to equalize the length. - I purchased 2 identical kites from 2 different suppliers (as each supplier had only one left in stock at the time of purchase) and one line set was unequal by 2” off and the other was as much as 5” off. - While not an issue for me, it could pose an unnecessary ‘problem’ for any beginner/inexperienced flyer as it puts them at a disadvantage right off the bat for their first successful flight.

    OVERALL QUALITY: Good and what you would expect from a kite at this price point.

    FLIGHT IN LOW WIND: (3mph - 8mph) - Although this kite is rated to fly in as little as 3mph wind, I found that @ the rated 3mph, out of the bag without bridle adjustments and supplied 150# line set, it took a LOT of work just to keep it up and precision suffered considerably in the lowest wind range. However from 5 - 8 mph / light breeze range, this kite is a pleasure to fly with light to moderate pull. Tracking was good, corners were tight and sharp with small push/pull inputs and speed is slow to moderate and VERY quiet in flight -NICE!. My inland location and elevation @ 240 ft. although not high, probably also had a lot to do with it. (At sea level on the beach with a nice steady unobstructed off ocean breeze, I’m positive this kite will be able to fly in 3mph with no problem at all!)

    FLIGHT IN MID WIND RANGE : (9 mph - 14 mph)
    *Tails can be added (if that’s your preference) in this wind range and above.

    FLIGHT IN HIGHER WIND: 15mph - 20mph.)
    PULL: HARD Definitely much more challenging to fly multiples in this wind range with a larger standard kite.
    PRECISION and TRACKING: VERY GOOD - (assuming the kites are not flying you at this point.)

    DURABILITY: I cannot comment on the kites durability as I haven’t yet needed to test it’s crash worthiness. (That day WILL come! :) ..... They say,.. “If you don’t crash you are not learning and/or not pushing yourself to your limits!” :)
    I can say however, the Skydog “Dream On” is well made with decent quality materials and fabrication throughout and should be able take those occasional ‘unplanned landings’ without damage (within reason). * That been said, don’t expect the kite not to possibly sustain some damage from a high speed dive, or worse yet, a fast uncontrolled spin into the ground (sure to break a LE) or hard collision with any object like a ‘kite eating tree’. (standard intermediate level kites for the most part, are very durable, however there is a limit to the punishment and abuse they can endure.)

    *Good construction for a mass produced kite at this price point. (made in China)
    *Striking asymmetrical rainbow graphics.
    *Moderate speed throughout the wind range. - Nice!
    *Moderate pull - (up to 12mph)
    *Hard pull - (above 12mph) *pull can be reduced with bridle adjustment.
    *Quiet at all wind speeds - Very Nice! (I happen to like quiet kites!)
    *Wide wind range (although 3mph is a little optimistic @ my elevation of 240 ft. and inland location.)
    *Easy to fly & land across the wind window with very predicable and forgiving flight characteristics.
    *Excellent precision with good straight tracking (above 5mph) and nice tight sharp corners requiring little input.
    *This kite is very capable of a decent repertoire of slack line tricks considering it doesn’t have all the “bells and whistles” associated with the latest trick specific kites.
    *Line set supplied is too short for team and/or multiple kite flying (and both my sets were unequal) , however the short lines will come in use for doing tricks..
    *Nice sturdy nylon kite sleeve supplied with kite.
    *Unfortunately NO tuning/bridle adjustment instructions supplied.

    *Good overall design and construction for the price point.
    *Easy to fly and land ..... *when set up properly with equal lines.
    *Excellent, predictable flight characteristics with good precision with little to no oversteer.
    *Moderate and consistent speed throughout wind window and wind range.
    *Very Quiet throughout wind window and wind range. - NIce!
    *Wide wind range (3mph - 20mph) @ sea level.
    *Decent trick repertoire makes this a good all round kite.
    *Competitive price point.
    *Striking graphics (If you happen to like/love colourful rainbow designs.) *I’m on the fence!

    *Line set (150# x 25m / 80 ft.) - not ideal for team or multiple kite flying as it’s on the short side.
    *Kite a little smaller than your average team ballet kite. (this is more a 3/4 size kite.)
    *No tuning / bridle adjustment instructions.

    The SKYDOG “Dream On” is a very well designed, good all round standard kite with a fairly high aspect ratio designed by the incomparable Dodd Gross with excellent, predictable and forgiving flight characteristics and performance, coupled with very good precision and a decent trick repertoire suitable for any intermediate flyer who wants to get into team or multiple kite flying.
    *I would highly recommend one gets a longer line set/s if the intent is to do any team or multiple kite flying. *(100ft.minimum - *125ft. recommended.)
    If you happen to like/love striking colorful rainbow designs and quiet kites, you will LOVE this kite. :)
    The supplied very basic instructions, are useful only to a point, and only for the absolute beginner. The omittance of any tuning/bridle adjustment instructions, to get the best out of this kite, is a big oversight IMHO.

    RATING: Kites overall performance, flight characteristics, precision & trick repertoire - 5 stars *****
    Construction, fabrication and quality of materials (considering price point) - 4 stars ****
    Supplied (25m / 80ft.) Dyneema Line Set (too short for team flying) - 3 stars ***
    Heavy Duty kite sleeve - 5 stars *****
    Limited basic Instructions - 3 stars ***
    Price & value for $ - 4 stars ****

    OVERALL RATING (considering price point) - 4 stars ****

    Another GREAT flying kite at a competitive price point, by renowned designer Dodd Gross, that’s found a permanent home in my kite bag.

    REVIEWER: I have 7 years of self taught kiting experience, mainly with dual and quad line kites however I don’t claim to be an expert. I’m just your average enthusiastic non competitive flyer who never stops learning, and who loves nothing more than to fly kites for the love and health of it. I’m always eager and willing to help others, including newcomers and share what I have learnt and promote this wonderful, exhilarating and healthy sport, anyway I can.

    *I am not sponsored or in any way affiliated with any specific kite manufacturer, retailer and/or designer and purchase ALL of my own kites at retail price for personal recreational use only, so you can be rest assured, all my kite reviews are completely unbiased.

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