Jackites - 16' Bamboo Pole 3 piece pole

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16' Bamboo Pole

The Jackite 16' Bamboo Pole is three sections that joint together. When apart the three sections side by side are 65 inches long. There is an eyelet at the top to attach a Jackite Line Rig or line of your choice. Strap or bungee cord this pole to any vertical post, attach a Jackite Line Rig and your bird of choice and see your bird flap its wings and bank on the air just like a real bird in flight.

Use this pole to fly:

Cardinal, Blue Jay, Black Bird and Create-A-Bird

Osprey, Falcon, Dove, Gull, Geese and Mallards

The Bamboo Poles cannot be used to fly the Jackite American Bald Eagle or the Giant Canada Goose but is perfect for all our other bird kites.


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