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ITTW - Dan Leigh Trooper Delta Kite

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Dan Leigh Trooper Delta Kite

Fly high, even in strong windsDan Leigh's high-aspect ratio deltas fly at amazingly high angles. He used to sew them all himself but now we're working together and making his kites in China. We've upgraded the sails to 1/2-oz. Icarex polyester and updated the graphics to make them look as good as they fly. One of Dan's most popular kites in England, this strong wind pro is a high angle flier throughout its 6 to 24 mph wind range. The balloon keel prevents stalling during lulls. Use 75 to 100-lb. Dacron line. 7'-2" x 3'-9". 66" case. 1 tail attachment point.


Skill Level Beginner
Minimum Wind 6 mph
Maximum Wind 24 mph


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