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Gomberg Kites

Gomberg Kites - Cool Eddy Yellow 30"

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Eddy is the Coolest Kite in the Sky!

Check out the shades and that confident smile. The smile is contagious. Fly Eddy and everyone will be smiling!

To assemble, attach the two short spreader rods into the molded fitting on the center spine. The capped ends go in the pockets at the corner of the sail. When you are done, the corners of the kite should lean back, away from the wind. This is an important design feature that keeps Eddie balanced in the wind.

Now connect the ends of the smaller flexible rods to the edge of his eyebrows. Then tie your flying line to the bridle string and you are ready to fly!

Just remember to yell “wahoo!” when he goes up. That helps him fly better too!

Why did we call him “Eddy”?

In 1893, William Abner Eddy invented the familiar diamond style kite byadding a bow string to the back of a traditional Malay kite to fold the wings back and increase stability. Eddy used his new kite for lifting cameras years before a successful airplane was developed. Since then, we’ve called these types of kites “Eddys”.

Fold Eddy up when you are done and make sure to put the loose pieces in the bag. He’ll be ready to fly again next time you are.

Size: 30" x 20"

Sail: Ripstop Nylon

Wind: 5 - 15 mph

Line: Included 60#

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